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The Vision

Boost Your Immune
System with Clinically
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Bath Therapy,
Drinking Water & Gel


Unique Oxygen
Water Chemistry

The KAQUN Health Centre and Spa was opened in August 2010, which is situated in the Great Parking Area of Hévíz town. In the KAQUN Centre built with the most modern technology such healthcare and health conservation treatments are launched, which have brought an innovative view into both our country and the region.

The KAQUN Health Centre and Spa is such a human and health focused complex, where those who would like to preserve their health, sportsmen or people struggling with chronic illnesses can enjoy the beneficial opportunities of the natural therapies. The Health Centre has built its services on water and oxygen, which are the fundamental elements of human life. It is important to everyone that:

his/her body preserves its youthfulness, its juvenile appearance,
he/she can prevent the different symptoms, illnesses from emerging,
he/she can recover after an illness faster,
his/her body can preserve the oxygen level,
he/she contributes actively to the conservation of his/her mental balance.

The philosophy of the KAQUN Health Centre and Spa lies in naturalism. Its aim is to make the manifoldedness and the effectiveness of water and oxygen inherent in its simplicity part of our everyday life.
Get to know the services of the Health Centre and get convinced about their effectiveness!
Get to know the services of the Health Centre and get convinced about their effectiveness! Visit the KAQUN Health Centre and Spa, consult with our doctors, ask for the assistant of our professionals, participate in our drinking and bath cures, to preserve your health in the simplest and most natural way!

Hereby I inform you that our services have been expanded.
Our new services:
- Bemer 3000 magnetic therapy treatments with a technologically most advanced device.
- The blood supply changes favourably both in terms of the characteristics of the red blood cells and the operation of the micro-circulation.
-WellSpa Perfect, the new generation of the Jade massage beds.
You should give it a try!

What is a 35-minute relaxation for you, for your soul it is a complete calming down, for your body it is health and for your spine it is a real refreshment!

The colleagues of the KAQUN Health Centre and Spa warmly welcome You!

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